It’s a beautiful day today, very warm and the temperature went up to 25C here.  Last night when I went up to the bedroom it felt very warm so I turned the air-conditioning on and slept with it on, I’m so happy we have it.  A few weeks ago we said we should have Pimm’s in the garden when the weather is good enough for it again and bought a bottle of Pimm’s and some lemonade but we forgot to do that yesterday.  So we had it today in the garden.


Pimm’s is a liqueur of gin base with herbs and spices and it’s usually drunk mixed with some kind of soft drink with gas like Lemonade or Ginger Ale (1 part of Pimm’s and 3 parts of soft drink) together with some pieces of cucumber and fruits such oranges, strawberries etc.  It’s like Sangria of Britain, I guess.  At events that are held in summer like Wimbledon, lots of people drink this.  I remember we used to have it at the Hong Kong Sevens – men had beer and ladies had Pimm’s in many cases in the back of the stadium in groups of friends.   Many people who had left Hong Kong would come back for the Sevens and meet their friends in the back area to catch up with each other whilst drinking Pimm’s – lovely memories.



Today, we used cucumber, orange, peach & mint.





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