Chilli Con Carne & Lockdown Easing On Hold In England

夫が大好きなチリ・コンカーニ、イギリスに来るまでは1ヶ月に2回くらい作っていたのに、こちらでは Hello Fresh をとっているので頻度が減ってしまいました。少し前に夫が久しぶりに食べたいというので今日の夕食に作りました。イギリス風にご飯といただきますが、夫が好きなガーリックブレッドも。美味しかったみたいで、何よりでした。

My husband loves Chilli Con Carne and we used to have it probably more than twice a month until we came to England, but now that we have meals from Hello Fresh we don’t seem to be cooking it so often.  My husband badly wanted to have it so that was what we cooked today for dinner – as always we had it in the English way with rice. We also had garlic bread as my husband also loves that.  I’m happy that he liked the dinner so much.









Although we were planning to have the Covid-19 lockdown further eased from tomorrow, which meant that the places like Casino, bowing allies and facial service at beauty salons etc were going to open, it’s been announced that it will now be delayed at least for 2 weeks and lockdown in the north of England has been strengthened because the number of infected people has increased there significantly.


It is worrying that the number of infected increased significantly in Japan as well and I am hoping it’ll be under control soon, but at least the number of deaths in Japan is still very low.  I always feel that people who live in Japan and in many places in Asia aren’t aware how much worse the situation is in England and Europe whenever I exchange messages with my friends there.


In Japan, the number of deaths by Coronavirus just went over 1,000 in total.  Here in England, more than 1,000 people were dying every day when it was at the peak – and we didn’t know this at the time but the number didn’t include the people that died in nursing homes, I also heard there was time when more people were dying in nursing homes than outside, so how many people were dying altogether in a day then?  After lockdown the number gradually went down and is now about 60 or 70 per day (as an average in a week because the number at the weekend is very low as not many are reported), today’s number of death was 120 in England verses 2 in Japan.  The total death in England up to day is 46,110 vs 1,007 in Japan.  The population of Japan is about double that if the UK.  Although I don’t feel the number of people infected doesn’t matter much, the number of deaths certainly does.


However, as it went down from 1,000 (or more) to 120 (or 70 or whatever) some people seem to feel we are now over it, or maybe they are just tired of being at home, but many young people seem to be ignoring social distance now.  I see many people having fun drinking or whatever on instagram without keeping social distance.  If they get infected, they may be fine as they are young, but they are very likely to pass it to older people, who may die or have long term effect even when they recover.  The number of deaths in one day  in the country that has double the population of England was 2, here it was 120, so we are far from over it yet.  I know some people say that the countries that have low death rate have different standard for determining the cause of the death, but I don’t think that is the reason in this case anyway.  I read that the number of deaths in total (not by coronavirus only) this year isn’t so different from the past in Japan



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