Today’s Ploughman’s – Light Lunch


Today’s lunch was Ploughman’s.  Two kinds of cheese (Stilton & Mature Cheddar), pork pie, avocado, tomatoes, cucumber, figs, Parma Ham, two kinds of salamis, Liver Pate & Branston Pickles.


As forecasted, it was a very hot day.  The temperature went up to 29C around here, but 36C in London.  Even though the temperature went high during the day it wasn’t too bad downstairs with the doors open as we had a lovely breeze, it was nice to sit in the garden in the shade as well.  However, I know it’s hot in the bedroom and we’ll definitely be using the air-conditioning tonight as we kept it on all night last night.


However, it’ll go down to 22C or 23 tomorrow so not too bad – although it’s expected to get as hot as around30C again next weekend.  It must be so uncomfortable in London and around there in the summer, I really feel people need to install air-conditioning when they have so many hot days.





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