Dried Hydrangeas


The green hydrangeas that arrived on Tuesday have been sitting in the living room.  We don’t usually sit in the living  until evening so we see them only from the dining room, but I do go and check if they are in good conditions every now and again and they had been fine until last night, when I saw them from the sofa the leaves suddenly looked limp.  When I went close to them and touched the flowers they were all dry except one, as well the leaves being limp.


Hydrangeas sometimes go limp but sometimes last forever and sometimes they do go dry slowly, but usually it happens over quite a few days, this time just 3 days.  They did have plenty of water in the vase.


I love fresh flowers but not so much dried or preserved ones.  Of course when someone give them to me I do cherish them and enjoy them but I don’t buy them myself.  However, when they dry like this naturally I cannot throw them away, I’ll enjoy them for a while somewhere.  One of them is still fine so I put it in a smaller vase.



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