Halloumi Eggy Crumpets (Jamie Oliver’s)

ランチは大抵前日の残り物でなければサンドイッチ、ハムやチーズなどのピクニック風のもの、焼きめし、焼きそばというような簡単なものばかりなのでたまにしかアップしないのですが、昨日たまたま見たユーチューブのジェイミー・オリバーが作っていた「Halloumi Eggy Crumpets」の材料が全部家にあったのと好きなクランペットを使っていたので今日のランチに作ってみました。(ハルミチーズは先週Hello Freshが間違えて入れていたものです。)

We normally have boring lunches like left-overs or sandwiches or Ploughman’s/picnic style or fried rice or fried noodles, that sort of thing, so I don’t usually blog our lunch.  However, I saw Jemie Oliver’s ” Halloumi Eggy Crumpets ” last night on youtube, and as we had everything we needed, and I wanted to finish up the crumpets, as they may have gone mouldy soon, we made it for lunch today.   (Halloumi cheese is those that Hello Fresh put in the delivery by mistake, we didn’t order them.)


You grate Halloumi cheese on a cheese grater (rough side) into a frying-pan, cook it until one side is nice and brown and pop it on a chopping board and drape it over eveything else.  I thought it was a fun way of using Halloumi, great idea.  Although he uses crumpets, I think it’s also good with French bread.


It was very nice, colourful and looked beautiful.  Sadly I cooked the eggs too much and also the avocado wasn’t great.  I wonder where people buy good avocados, it’s so hard here…  The ones we bought in M&S a long time ago were very good, so once this coronavirous stops being so threatening we should go shopping in M&S.  For me, 2 eggs (1 was used for the eggy crumpets and the other as a fried egg) was too much, so I’d probably have it without the fried egg next time.



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