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Today’s lunch was toasties.  We used to make it in Singapore but it’s been a while since we made it last.  We used the Cuisinart waffle & toastie maker we bought here online.  This makes a little larger and deeper toasties than the machine we used to have.  We made 2 different kinds, one is like pizza (tomato paste, onion, tomato, salami, pizza cheese, pepper) and the other one is sweet version (fig, stilton, honey, pepper).  The black part is burned blue cheese that came out.  Both were good but my husband told me he liked the savoury one better.







The bread we used for these toasties was baked with the new bread machine I mentioned yesterday.  We made the very basic white bread this time – white strong flour, salt, sugar, butter, water and yeast.  Comparing to the recipe we used to use with the Japanese bread machine, this one has less salt and less sugar and no milk.  Japanese in general like soft fluffy bread so I guess they use milk and more sugar to make it fluffy.  We used to use bake the fluffy bread in the beginning but it was impossible to slice nicely and also we prefer firmer bread to have at meals so we have been baking French style bread (cake flour, strong flour, salt, water) or Italian style bread by adding olive oil, these recipes make firmer but springy bread.

Today’s bread was very much like what you find in supermarkets in England.  It’s nicer because it’s fresh but the crumb is very tight and crust is too soft, not my type of bread. I chose “medium” for the machine’s crust setting but I will try “hard” next time.  I don’t know what I should do to make the crumb more loose with air bubbles like I prefer, though.  I’ll have to try different recipes.

There are 3 sizes of loaf to choose from with this new machine, this one is the smallest and uses 400g flour.



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