Chicken & Chorizo Rice (with Cherry tomatoes and Peppers)

今日の夕食は、Hello Fresh の「Chicken & Chorizo Rice (with Cherry tomatoes and Peppers)」(チキンとチョリソライス、チェリートマトとパプリカと)でした。要するにパエリアのような感じですが、お米はバズマティ米で、本格的に作るのではなく蓋をして炊きます。お水の量はいつものようにレシピよりかなり減らして炊きました。

Today’s dinner was “Chicken & Chorizo Rice (with Cherry tomatoes and Peppers)” from Hello Fresh.  Basically it’s like Paella, but cooked with a lid on unlike the authentic way.  As always I used much less water than in the recipe as I don’t like wet rice.


Ingredients are basmati rice, yellow pepper, baby plum tomatoes, chorizo, garlic, parsley, chicken, smoked paprika, chicken stock powder and lemon for garnish.








When I was running classes for entertaining (only for my friends, not the general public) in Hong Kong, I have shown a similar dish but cooking it in the oven.  In Hong Kong we were able to get really delicious chorizo that was suitable for this sort of dish, but those we could get in Singapore didn’t work very well so I stopped cooking it.


Although I much prefer Japanese or Spanish rice than basmati rice, it was good enough.  However, it was too salty for me.  I only used a little salt and pepper when I sauteed chicken pieces as instructed in the recipe, but I guess there was a lot of salt in chorizo and also in the chicken stock powder.  Probably because it was so salty, we felt we wanted have something like a refreshing salad on the side, eating the same flavour all the way through the meal is a bit boring for us.



We were wondering why Hello Fresh doesn’t call this “Paella”.  Maybe someone complained or they are worried about complaints?  The rice is basmati rice, which I feel Spanish people would not approve of.   I’ve also read that chorizo is not one of the ingredients you can use in Paella.  I guess there is some sort of regulation or something.



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