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The basic bread I baked yesterday was OK, but the crumb is too tight for our taste so I tried French Bread recipe of the machine and baked it on French Bread menu.  However, rather than using all white flour, I used 100g of white strong flour and 300g of Cobber bread flour as we prefer to use flour that has some seeds or barley or something.


This is the result, the top part sank in.  The crumb is not as tight as with the basic recipe, you can see some small holes, but the crust isn’t very crispy and the inside feels it’s not completely baked.  In England in cafes and restaurants, you often get bread that has that texture, it doesn’t feel completely baked.  In the trouble shooting page it suggests to reduce the amount of water when the top sinks in so I’ll try that next time.  However, we’ll have to eat this one before baking the next, which isn’t such a pain.  We would throw it away if it’s not edible but it’s not as bad as that, it’s just not that great.


I prefer more bouncy texture – it’s hard to explain the texture but in Japanese we call the texture I’m talking about “motcchiri”.  For that I think you need to have less gluten in the flour so you need to mix strong flour with all purpose or cake flour or use French Bread flour, but none of the recipes that come with this machine uses such flour so I don’t know if we can achieve what I like.  I wish we could buy a Japanese bread machine…It was so easy to bake such a delicious bread with the other one…





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