Steak Night!


It’s been hot all day, even now at 9.20pm it’s still 23C, 27C in London.  However, I saw on Instagram that it’s still 36C in Paris!  I remember they had a very hot and long summer in Paris last year.  When it’s so hot, I often get a headache and I did today, but not a migraine as the painkillers seem to have started working.


My husband wanted steak for dinner today.  My husband loves fillet and I prefer Ribeye outside Japan (in Japan I like Chateaubriand or fillet in Japan because they are much more juicy, I find fillet here dry and often gamey).  However my husband seems to have started liking Ribeye.


We bought steak in the butcher in Petworth yesterday.  As soon as we got back I marinaded it in soy sauce, Mirin, honey, lemon juice, rosemary, and Balsamic vinegar.  With soy sauce in the marinade, which I started doing recently, it has enough flavour without salting a lot and the soy sauce flavour isn’t too strong.  As always we also cooked Potato Dauphinoise that my husband loves and also some carrot and sugar snap peas, just cooked in salted water.


We asked the butcher to slice the ribeye in 2.5 cm steaks and we had one each.  Of course we couldn’t finish it, I left about a half and my husband left about 1/4 or 1/3 but we’ll slice the left-over and make a salad tomorrow.  Just one between two of us is OK but I think my husband would feel he doesn’t’ have quite enough, specially when there is a large fatty part in the middle like we had today.  We cooked it first with the Anova sous-vide system (low temperature cooking equipment) then seared just the outsides.  We enjoyed it very much.


The sauce is a mixture of the marinade, red wine, a little water and pink peppercorns reduced in the pan once the steaks are out.











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