Hedgehog Update


It seems like a several hedgehogs come and eat the food I put out because their sizes seem to vary.  The timing also varies, so sometimes I see one but sometimes I don’t.  However the food I put out is always eaten by the morning so I guess one of them comes and eats it (although I guess there is always a chance that a cat eats it).


Although I’d like to keep the door to the garden open until I go to bed, it was getting too cold until a few days ago as it got later so I would wait for a while and if I don’t see one when I get too cold I would close it, but sometimes I would look through the glass door and see one.  Since it got so hot, if I keep the door open, quite a lot of little insects come in.  Even though they aren’t like mosquitoes that would bit me, I still don’t like them, so again I would wait for a while then close it.  I wish we had a mesh that would stop insects coming in, everyone has mesh sliding doors in Japan to stop insects from coming in when you want to keep the doors/windows open.


Anyway, I would often close the door after a certain time for these reasons so I don’t always see one but now and again I would look out and find one as I say and today I saw 2 of them, one larger and one smaller!  First I thought they were a mother and a child but I’m not sure.







I thought “Oh, what a shame I had the door closed, I wish I could take a video!” so after they went away I put out some more food, then both came back very quickly!  Although they came at the same time and they were eating together, whenever the larger one touched the smaller one the smaller one was sort of jumping and again they went away at different times.  I saw on Youtube that mothers leave their children quite soon after they are born (once they teach them how to get food) I’m guessing these are not a mother and a child.  The smaller one was the smallest I’ve seen, naturally the smaller one seemed cuter!


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