Middle Eastern Style Aubergine & Pepper Harissa Tacos with Feta and Wedges

何度も書いて恐縮ですが、本当に暑いです。今もう夜9時ですが、まだ28度。そんな暑い中、今日のディナーはオーブンを使いました。Hello Fresh のものは大抵オーブンを使うのです、失敗が少ないからだと思います。と言うことで、今日のディナーは「Middle Eastern Style Aubergine & Pepper Harissa Tacos with Feta and Wedges」(中近東風茄子とパプリカのハリサ風味タコス、フェタチーズとオーブンポテトと)でした。

I’m sorry to repeat myself but it’s really hot!  It’s 9.00pm now but is still 28C.  On such a hot day, we used the oven for cooking dinner – most Hello Fresh meals seem to use the oven, I guess it’s because it’s the easiest way, but it made it so hot to cook!  So, our dinner was “Middle Eastern Style Aubergine & Pepper Harissa Tacos with Feta and Wedges” from Hello Fresh.


You bake aubergine and pepper after covering them with salt, pepper & olive oil.  The wedges are also cooked in the oven.  You mush a half of mixed beans, sautee tomato paste & garlic in a frying pan in oil for a minute, add water, vegetable stock powder, the mixed beans and Harissa paste and cook it on low heat for 5-7 minutes until thickened.  You mix yoghurt, salt, pepper & mint.  When everything is done, warm up tacos.  Put yogurt sauce first, mixed beans, aubergine & pepper, feta cheese on each taco and serve them with the wedges.


It was OK, it tasted good, but we found the texture boring because everything was mushy.  We thought it needed another texture.  Chicken would have worked well but this is a vegetarian dish…  I guess also it’s been so hot, we didn’t have enough appetite and left one each.


We had pink Champagne to drink. I’m loving these glasses, the bubbles look very pretty in them.









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