It’s been decades since I bought a watermelon.  I bought a mini one because I was worried it may not be good and also we don’t have enough room in the fridge for a large one.


When I think of summer in Japan, I think of watermelon.  I think desserts/snack in summer when I was a child were almost always watermelon.  Sometimes we get those triangle pieces but often we would eat a half cut large watermelon with a spoon.  I have a feeling I hadn’t been buying many since we got married.  In Hong Kong and Singapore you almost always get watermelon as a dessert in an Asian restaurant and they were never really sweet, I guess that is a major reason I was put off watermelon.


However, peaches are getting not good now and although raspberries are lovely they are so ripe they don’t last more than one or two days and I tried to think of fruits we can buy for dessert for a whole week and thought we could try watermelon.  It was quite sweet and lovely.


When I was a child we always put some salt on watermelon, I guess it’s because we were always sweating during the summer.  This weather for the last few days has been uncomfortable but it’s hotter and much more humid in Japan and children were playing outside all day long, they needed some extra salt, I guess.



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