Indian Curry – Southern Pepper Curry


Another hot day, went up to 29C.  Although it was hot, when it’s below 30C it doesn’t seem too bad.  Still, I had a short sleep last night and I got so sleepy, I ended up having a lovely nap.  It is down to 23C now so not so bad.  It’ll go up to 25C tomorrow, then after that it’ll be around 20C, so back to chilly (well, not really chilly but very cool to us).

今日のディナーは、以前一度バターチキンを買って美味しかった「The Spice Tailor By Anjum Anand」の Southern Pepper Curryキットを使ってみました。スパイスと2種類のソースがついてきて、スパイスを炒めたあと具を少し炒め、ベースソースを加えて、もう1つのソースを加えて具が煮えるまで煮るだけ。今日は、チキンと赤パプリカとタマネギを入れてみました。結構美味しいです。ご飯と市販のナンといただきました。

Today’s dinner was “Southern Pepper Curry” from The Spice Tailor By Anjum Anand, we tried their Butter Chicken before and we thought it was quite good.  It comes with some whole spices and 1 base sauce and one more sauce.  All you do is to stir-fry the whole spices, then add whatever you are using (we used chicken, onion & red pepper), stir-fry for a little then add the base sauce, the other sauce and cook on low heat until it’s all cooked through.  It was quite good.  We had it with some rice and store-bought Naan.









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