Hamburg Steak In Ratatouille Sauce

今日の夕食は、煮込みハンバーグ。イギリスに引っ越して来て以来、初めてだと思います。夫もわたしも好きなのでよく作っていたのですが、今はHello Fresh があるので以前作っていたものも余り登場しないものが多くなりました。

Today’s dinner was Japanese style Hamburg Steak stewed in Ratatouille type sauce.  It used to be a regular meal until we moved to England but now that we have Hello Fresh we hadn’t cooked it until today.


In the last few years, I was using a recipe from a cookery book that took a lot of time – sautéing a lot of vegetables until well cooked then pureed them in a food processor before adding to mince meat to make the burgers, but as it takes a long time and my cookery books are still in boxes I made an easy version.  I sautéed onion until very soft, let to cook before adding to mince meat (200g pork, 300g beef) with garlic, 1 egg, breadcrumbs, a little milk, nutmeg, salt, pepper and Herbes de Provence.  First I browned both sides of the hamburg steaks in a pan, took them out then sautéed garlic, onion, red & yellow pepper, courgette, then added Passata, put the Hamburg steaks back in and cooked until the sauce is nice and thick then added some basil at the end.  I made 5 Hamburg steaks and froze 2 of them before cooking and cooked 3 – so one and a half each.









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