White Hydrangeas


It’s only early September but from the end of August it’s been feeling quite cold inside.  It’s not so cold if you are outside in the sun or walking or doing things, but when you are sitting inside it does feel cold, and we finally put the heating (the towel rails and the under floor heating) on in the bathroom and used the fireplace in the living room yesterday in the evening.  It’s nice and sunny today and feels warmer again.  I guess it’s sometimes cold, sometimes warmer this time of year in England.  Still, it is too cold at night and I cannot keep the door to the garden open for long, so I haven’t been seeing the hedgehogs very often in the last couple of weeks.  I still put the food out and it’s gone in the morning so they are still coming for sure.



The subscription flowers arrived today and they are white hydrangeas.  The first hydrangeas they sent to me 2 months ago were white hydrangeas, I think.  I love them, so I’m happy to receive them many times.









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