Brioche French Toast



卵 2個
ミルク 200ml
砂糖 大さじ2
バニラビーンズペースト 小さじ1くらい
メープルシロップ 適量(できてからかける)


We made French Toast for lunch today using the Brioche we baked recently with our bread machine.  There wasn’t enough usual bread left for making sandwiches and there was quite a lot of Brioche.  Probably about the 3rd time I made French Toast.

This time, we used:

2 Eggs
200ml Milk
2 Tbsp Sugar
1 tsp Vanilla beans paste
Maple syrup to drizzle over



We sliced the brioche very thick, about 3cm or so, and cut the slice in half.  Tomorrow is the supermarket delivery day and we have no fruits left except an apple, so we weren’t able to have this with fruits.  It doesn’t look pretty at all…


I don’t know if it was because the brioche is drier (it wasn’t as fluffy this time) or we sliced it very thick, but it didn’t become as floppy as before and it was done just nicely.  The plate is a dinner plate, so even a half slice is very substantial as you can see, enough to fill me up as I cannot eat a lot of sweet things at one time.  We did wish we had this with some crispy bacon, though.  Bacon here is raw and doesn’t keep long, unlike Japanese bacon, so we don’t want to buy any unless we are planning to use it.  I’ve frozen bacon rashers when we lived in Singapore but they seem to smell stronger when you do that and I often ended up throwing them away.  I wish they also sold Japanese type bacon here so we could keep some in the fridge.



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