Spaghetti Napoletana (Old Japanese Way)


It was a lovely sunny day and quite warm.  Apparently it went up to 27C but as it’s not so humid it felt very nice when I went out in the garden, with a little breeze.

今日は Hello Fresh とスーパーのデリバリーとの間の1日で、ディナーに使うものがない、冷凍庫になくはないのですが準備しなくてはと思った時点では解凍するには遅すぎる時間。ということで、日本の昔の喫茶店風のスパゲティー・ナポリタンとサラダにしました。たまに食べたくなるナポリタン。これまで自分用にしかほとんど作ったことがないので、2人分というのが作りにくくて、ケチャップ、入れすぎました。食後にチーズも。

Today is between Hello Fresh and Supermarket Delivery, there wasn’t anything we could use for dinner and it was too late to defrost anything when we started thinking about it, so we made what Japanese call “Spaghetti Napoletana”, a sort of dish that I used to have in a coffee shop when I was young and something I crave for very occasionally.  Seasoning is basically Tomato Ketchup (to which we added Japanese sausages) – it sounds disgusting but I like it.  However, I don’t usually cook this for more than one (myself) so it didn’t go well and I put too much ketchup in.  We had cheese after dinner, too.









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