Chilli Con Carne

今日も良いお天気でした!寒くなる前にしばらく良いお天気になって良かった。これまでなら明日は Hello Fresh のデリバリーがありますがしばらく休憩することにしたので、今日は Petworth まで食料品の調達に行きました。スーパーで基本のものは買っていますが、お肉は出来るだけお肉やさんで買うようにしていて、この辺りでは Petworth のお肉屋さんが一番おいしいとの評判なのです。同じグループのデリにも寄ってお野菜や果物の買い足しなどして、お買い物の時間も入れて往復で1時間ちょっと。車で片道20分くらい。

It was another lovely day today.  I’m glad we are having this warm and sunny spell before it gets cold.  We would usually get a delivery from Hello Fresh tomorrow but we decided to stop it for a while, so we went to Petworth to get some food.  We order basic things online from the supermarket but we try to buy meat from a butcher as much as possible and we hear the one in Petworth is the best around here.  We also go to the deli of the same group to buy some vegetables, fruits, cheese etc.  It takes us about an hour and a little to go up, do the shopping then come back as it’s about 20 minutes from here to Petworth.


I wanted to have some Thai food so we were planning to get some minced pork in the butcher but there was none left.  They’ve told us before that they don’t make a lot of mince pork because they hardly sell any.  I suppose there isn’t a lot of British dishes you use minced pork for.  They did tell us before that if we let them know in advance they’ll prepare it so we made a booking for minced pork to pick up on Tuesday next week as we’ll have to be in Petworth then for my haircut.


Today’s dinner was Chilli Con Carne; I have a feeling we haven’t had this for a little while.  I would have liked to make a large quantity and freeze what’s left but our freezer is quite full so we just made 4 portions (so there are 2 portions left).  We had it with rice, garlic bread and a largish salad.





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