Thai Dinner – Stir-fried Mince Pork With Basil


As the number of people infected by Coronavirus has increased significantly in the last couple of weeks, more strict restrictions have been announced for England this evening.  The gathering between households is still allowed up to 6 people inside and outside, so the new things are the fewer numbers for weddings, closing pubs at 10.00pm and those who can work at home should work at home, I think.  So, no difference to our life as we aren’t going to pubs yet, but it’ll be a big damage to pubs.  The hairdresser of the hair salon I went to today took a week off last week so I asked him if he went on holiday. He told me he did, but only for a few days inside the country, he wouldn’t go outside the country for a while and probably wouldn’t go away even inside the country again for a while because they had to wear masks in the hotel they stayed at wherever they were and he found it too uncomfortable and not enjoyable.  I can see his point although I suppose it’s necessary.


今日のディナーは、タイ料理のガッパオ(豚ミンチのバジル炒め)。あ〜、美味しかった!数週間前に義弟夫婦が来た時に作りましたが、あまりタイ料理を食べる機会がないのでタイ料理を欲していました。Hello Fresh でもそれっぽいものはよくあったのですが、本格的なタイ料理ではないので、やはり物足らない感じでした。ホーリーバジルは手に入らないので普通のバジルを使っているので、厳密にはガッパオ(ホーリーバジル)ではないのですけど。ちなみに、目玉焼きは日本風に蒸し焼きにしたものよりも、タイ風にたっぷりの油で白身をカリッと揚げ焼きにした方が好みでそうしているのですが、卵が爆発するのが怖いです!

Today’s dinner was Stir-fried Mince Pork With Basil (Thai).  I enjoyed it so much!  We did cook Thai a few weeks ago when my brother-in-law and his wife came over, but we haven’t had a chance to have a proper Thai food for a long time other than that one time.  We were getting Thai style dishes to cook from Hello Fresh but they weren’t really Thai and didn’t really satisfy my craving for Thai food.  Incidentally, Japanese cook sunny-side-up eggs in a different way from many others – we in general cook it in a very little oil, pour some water in, cover the frying pan and steam it until it’s done the way you like.  It is more healthy and less messy but I personally prefer it cooked in the Thai way – in a lot of oil quickly so the bottom is very crispy.  The only thing is that the eggs tend to explode and it is very scary!





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