Gathering with Friends


I know I write this every month but it’s October already, a month goes by so fast.  We have only a quarter left this year now.  It’s Moon Festival time and I fondly remember the event and moon cakes (although we don’t like the authentic ones with salted eggs inside); it makes me think of Hong Kong.


We invited our good friends for a very simple lunch – Ploughman’s.  The main purpose is to catch up with each other.


Sausage rolls, pork pies, olives, chicken liver pate, chorizo, French salami, Italian spicy sausage paste, San Daniel Ham, tomatoes, 3 cheeses (Wensleydale with apricot, Camembert, Stilton), figs, grapes, quinoa burgers, Branston Pickle, rocket leaves.  Drizzle of good Balsamic vinegar and black pepper on rocket and figs, some salt and pepper on the tomatoes.











For dessert we served Peacan Pie that we bought from the Deli in Petworth.

After lunch and a chat, we had a little walk to the pond in the village and back, about 15 minutes each way.  It was nicer weather than we expected, quite sunny and warm when we were walking, just the right sort of temperature for a walk.

They have grandchildren and other activities so we aren’t seeing them so often but I guess it’s been about a month since we saw them last.  It was lovely to see them both well and being able to catch up with them.



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