Birthday Dinner


We were planning to go to the Cotswolds for my birthday for a few days, staying at a nice hotel, but when we were discussing it the second wave of coronavirus started so we decided to stay home.  Some people around me are eating out but we still don’t feel comfortable doing so, so we decided to have a steak dinner at home instead.


As always the steak is ribeye from the butcher in Petworth.  We usually ask them to slice them into about 3cm thickness but my husband went to buy it and he just bought what was already sliced, they were probably about 1.5cm thickness.  I marinaded them in the marinade that we’ve been happy with – sliced garlic, rosemary, soy sauce, mirin, honey, olive oil – and today I also added some Balsamic vinegar. My husband later used the marinde in the sauce with wine and cream.  Steaks were first cooked with the Anova sous-vide machine then seared outside in a frying pan.  I added some sweet potato into the Dauphinoise potatoes today.  The side vegetables were carrots and sugar snap peas.  It was excellent and we really enjoyed the meal.  (The steak was a little too big for me so my husband happily helped me with some of it).















There was some crumble topping that was left from the last time when we made crumble and I wanted to use it up. Since I ordered  too many apples by mistake (we are using 2 supermarkets for online orders and I sometimes put the same thing in both carts by mistake), I used these to make apple and blackberry crumble.  I added some almond slices, pecan nuts and oats to the already made crumble topping. I like adding oats to crumble topping, it gives more texture and makes it nutty.





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