Sausage & Bean Casserole


今日の夕食は、家にあるものでソーセージとブラックビーンズの煮込みにしました。BBC Good Food の「Sausage & Bean Casserole」。材料は、玉ねぎ、セロリ、パプリカ、ニンニク、チョリソー、ソーセージ、小豆(なかったのでブラックビーンズ)、スモークパプリカ、ドライタイム、フレッシュタイム、白ワイン、トマト缶。チョリソーは生タイプではないですがまぁいいかな、と思いましたし、小豆以外全部材料があり、小豆でなくても良さそうだったので。

Now that we have the central heating on, it’s nice and warm at home.  However, the it’s now quite chilly outside, right now it’s 8C and feels freezing cold to me like middle of winter.  The cold weather makes you want to have things like ccasserole.

Today’s dinner was “Sausages & Bean Casserole” on BBC Good Food as we had everything needed except Aduki, which we thought can be substituted with black beans.  The chorizo that we had was the wrong type (cured, not raw) but we thought it’d be fine anyway.










Sausages were very good but the rest (vegetables with tomato sauce) was quite acidic, it uses white wine and tinned tomatoes so it isn’t surprising, but I did add some sugar (not in the recipe), I should have added more.  So I ended up eating a lot of bread with it, but it tasted good.

The recipe is for 4 to 6 people and we made about 2/3 of that so there is enough left-over for lunch tomorrow.


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