House Renovation / Dressing Room


My dressing room is finally completed!  It looks much nicer with the doors.  I love the design of the doors, too.









In our apartment in Japan, the master bedroom had a large closet, where we could put everything in and we didn’t need to change them depending on the season.  Although we didn’t need to change them in Singapore, as it was always summer, and in Hong Kong where the cold time was very short, the closet space in the master bedroom in those apartments wasn’t enough for us so we kept what we don’t need often in the study’s closets.  Here in our new house in England, the closet in the master bedroom is quite spacious but not really enough for both of us, so my husband will be using it and I’ll be using this dressing room.  It is great that I have everything in one place, and there is enough hanging space for almost all my clothes (though I don’t hang heavy knitwear, which are folded and kept on a pull-out shelf).  I don’t need to put things away and pull things out depending on the season, there is enough room for everything at once.


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