Chicken with Olives & Tomatoes


In a couple of weeks, it’ll have been a year since we moved to England so I often think “I wonder what were we doing this time last year?”.  Last year around this time we were right in the middle of moving out of our apartment in Singapore, packers were packing up and we will have moved to a hotel soon.  Although my UK Visa had arrived, which was such a relief, the sale and the purchase of our houses hadn’t been finalised and my husband was still busy at work so it was very stressful time for us.  I was also coughing because of the allergic reaction to things like all the packing boxes and the dust.


Although I stopped coughing in Bali, where we spent a few days after we moved out of our apartment, it got worse again when we got back to Singapore and I wasn’t feeling very well.  I think the haze was also quite bad at that time, so that could have been another cause of it, but I often think it would have been awful if this coronavirus were already the problem, I wouldn’t have been able to see any of my friends to say goodbye properly and it would have been awkward to go anywhere since people would have been frightened of me always coughing, even if I had a test done and the result were negative.



Today’s dinner was Chicken cooked with olives and tin tomatoes.  I dipped chicken pieces in flour then browned both sides, then sauteed garlic, onion, carrot, celery until softened, then added tin tomato and minced black olives (dry type), white wine and soup stock and simmered gently for about 20 minutes.  The flavour of the black olives isn’t as strong as you think, it acts like salt with a deep flavour.  Although I used very little salt, it was a little too salty for me because I guess the olives were very salty, but it tasted very good.  We had it with rice cooked with carrot.  There is some sauce left so we’ll add more tin tomato and use it as a pasta sauce in the next few days.








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