Mushroom Risotto (Risotto ai Funghi)


We had quite a nice day yesterday but it was a miserable dark rainy day today.  I forgot to write but the clocks went back on Saturday, so the sunset time is now 4.40pm, it starts getting dark around 3.00pm when the weather is bad like it was today.


The wall painting is still continuing.  The decorator started working on my husband’s loft’s walls and he finished with that today.  My husband prepared the loft by moving lots of his stuff and making it easy for the decorator to paint the walls, so he hasn’t been able to use the room since then and he is unhappy not to have his man cave; he can put things back tomorrow and start using the loft again.


Also the carpenter and his assistant worked all day today to install the doors of the wardrobes in my dressing room.  Apparently there is just one door left to do so it’ll all be done tomorrow finally!

今日のディナーは、Genaro Contaldo のレシピマッシュルームのリゾットを作りました。使ったマッシュルームは、ドライのポルチーニと普通のブラウンマッシュルーム。美味しくできました。リゾットを作るのはとても簡単だと思うのですが、唯一難しく感じるのは、最後にバターとパルメジャーノチーズを入れて蓋をして1分蒸らしますが、その前の水分量。1分休ませる間にどれくらい水分が吸収されるかを考えて水分量を調節するのが難しい。少なすぎると水分が全然なくなってしまいますし、多すぎるとサラサラし過ぎてしまいます。今日は、丁度良い具合に出来ました。

We cooked Mushroom Risotto (according to Genaro Contaldo’s recipe) for dinner today.  We used dried porcini and ordinary brown mushrooms and it was very good.  I feel risotto is very easy to make, quite relaxing even, but the only thing I find a little hard is to judge how much liquid to keep before putting in butter, Parmesan cheese, putting the lid on and giving a minute’s rest, because you need to judge how much moisture will be absorbed in that one minute.  If you leave too little it’ll be too claggy, and if you leave too much it’ll be too watery.  It was good today.



My husband had smoked salmon for a starter.




















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