House Renovation – Living Room & Oshie Pictures


As we installed a TV above the fire place, the only wall in the living room where we have enough space to hang a picture is behind the sofa.  We chose one of my Oshie pictures thatI made in Kobe – The 7 Gods.  It’s not such a large picture but it has so many little parts in it that I think it took me a long time to complete.


I loved making Oshie pictures and used to spend hours and hours at home making them as well as having a lesson once a week.  I was intending to continue making them after leaving Kobe for Hong Kong, but once we moved I hardly touched it.  I suppose it was meeting my teacher and friends at the class that was a major reason why I loved it so much.   I guess I won’t be able to make them now since my hands have forgotten how.  I cannot believe it’s been more than 20 years since we left Kobe.





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