Penne With Ragu


This morning we moved the Christmas tree from the garden into the living room, put it on its stand, and covered the stand with a cloth before taking the netting cover.  We are planning to decorate it tomorrow.


In the afternoon, we drove to our good friends’ house about 20 minutes or so by car from us.  We were invited to dinner with them just before the last lockdown, but it was cancelled so we hadn’t seen them for quite a while, I think.  We parked our car there and then all went for a walk near their house to the sea; I guess we walked about 30 mminutes.  We then sat at the bench they have outside the front of the house and had tea and mince pies.  Fortunately, it wasn’t very cold, about 10C, and no wind.  We didn’t feel cold (we were wearing coats) at all sitting outside.  It was lovely to catch up.



Today’s dinner was Penne with ragu. The ragu was from the freezer – I think we froze a half of the ragu we made when we cooked Pancake Cannelloni.  It was very good.  We used to have 2 large fridge/freezers in Hong Kong and Singapore so there was quite a good capacity, but here the fridge/freezer is on the small side so our freezer is very small and we need to use what we have in there quite quickly if we want to freeze anything else





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