Trying To Feel Festive





Shops are now open so we can go shopping but there are still a large number of people infected or killed by Coronavirus so we aren’t going out much other than when we need to.  We would usually be looking at the Christmas decorations in towns or villages, doing more shopping, and going out for dinner in the evenings and generally feeling a little more Christmassy, but without seeing such things it’s hard to feel that way.

On top of the side cupboard in the kitchen, we usually have cheese boards, fruits and books but I added various Christmassy sweets etc.  The reason why I did that was because actually we don’t have any suitable space to keep them, but I’m glad I did because I think it looks nice and helps us feel a little more Christmassy than we would without them.

Hopefully we’ll feel more Christmassy once we decorate the tree.




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