When I blogged our Christmas Wreath on the main door, the door looked very white so I took this photo when we came back from our walk yesterday, it’s pale blue like this (perhaps a little darker than the photo).  It looks like all the other houses in the street (7 houses) have the same colour, maybe we need to have the same.


I have a feeling I have seen many large and fresh wreath on doors in London but around here what I saw when we had a walk were all small and artificial.



As we had a big lunch we weren’t very hungry in the evening, so we just had an avocado toast and a mince pie each.


I was trying to remember what we used to cook around this time of a year but couldn’t remember, so I looked at my own blog and remembered we weren’t at home probably the last 10 years or so as we used to go to a resort in Asia or to Japan and when we were at home we were eating out.  No wonder I cannot think of what to cook.


A storm is here now and it’s very windy outside.  The lights had flickered a few times as well and it’s a bit scary.  Heavy rain and flooding is also expected.  It would be quite inconvenient to have a power cut during the night, I hope it won’t happen and I hope our house will survive the storm as it’s expected to be very powerful.  There are many hundreds’ of years old houses in England but ours is only about 5 years old.  When it’s very old in a way you feel safe because it’s still here after all those years (although it can also cause some concerns), I have a feeling that new houses aren’t built as strong as old ones, I hope ours is strong.





Another photo I took yesterday from outside, I love being able to see the tree through the window of the living room.



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