We have taken the Christmas tree and all the decorations down (my husband had done quite a lot of it by the time I came downstairs) and our house feels more neat now.  Some people seem to feel sad to take them down but I never do.  Although it’s nice to feel Christmassy with the tree and everything, I always feel better when all is taken down as it feels more tidy.  Although you are supposed to take them down around the 6th January, I think many people had done so over the last weekend.

クリスマスの少し前から冷凍保存していたお肉をほとんど使ってしまったので、今日いつも行く Petworth のお肉屋さんに行ってきましたが、まだ揃っていない物が結構ありました、クリスマス、お正月の時期は物が入らず、明日くらいからいつもの品揃えになるとのことでした。

We have used up most of the meat that we froze just before Christmas, so we went to the butchers in Petworth but they didn’t have all the things they usually have.  Apparently after Christmas and New Year it takes a week for them to get back to normal, more will be there from tomorrow.


We had Tonkatsu for dinner today.  We use pork fillet for Tonkatsu but the butcher told us there was none left.  We nearly gave up but then they asked if 2/3 of a fillet is enough as they have it in the back, so we took it.  Not enough for our usual Tonkatsu sandwiches on the following day for lunch, but it was just right amount,  My husband had 4 pieces, I had 3.


I started using one of those thermometers that you stick in the meat to see the inside temperature sometime ago and since then our Tonkatsu improved a lot.  I am a worrier so I always cooked the pork too long thinking “just in case”, which made it a little tough.  Now that I check with the thermometer it’s very tender.


I said to my husband, “Shall we make Miso soup to go with it?”  My husband said he wasn’t bothered.  So this was it.  tonkatsu, shredded cabbage and rice.  We don’t seem to have as many dishes as we used to since we started cooking together.  It’s me who decides the menu so it’s not necessarily to do with my husband, but I used to start cooking early when he was working, whereas now we start cooking without a lot of wiggle time and I guess that’s why I’m choosing the menu that doesn’t take a long time to cook.





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