Hamburg in Vegetable & Tomato Sauce


The situation with coronavirus in England is getting extremely serious and frightening.  More than 1,000 people died from it in the last 24 hours and the number of people in hospital from this virus is now much more than it was in the spring.  It is very worrying.




The dinner tonight was what we Japanese call “Hamburg steak”.  I used to use mince pork with mince beef and added a lot of sauteed and cooled vegetables but in England (or at least the butchers we go to) they don’t seem to have mince pork readily available so we’ve used just beef in the last couple of times.  I think adding pork makes it more tender and deepens the flavour but I don’t mind the very beefy texture either.

We sauteed onion, pepper and garlic then added tinned tomatoes to make the sauce and cooked the seared Hamburgers in the sauce for about 20 minutes.  We used 500g of beef and made 6 Hamburger steaks, my husband had 2.5, I had 2 and 1.5 will go in the freezer for another meal.



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