Soup & Chicken Salad

昨日の夕食用にチキンの胸肉を2枚茹でましたが、昨日は1枚分で十分だったので(でも、「もっとチキン、使っても良かったね」などと言いながら食べましたが 笑))、残っている1枚を使うべく、今日の夕食はスープとサラダにしました。

We cooked 2 chicken breasts yesterday and used only 1 for the noodles because we felt it was enough (but as we ate we said we probably should have used more chicken), and we wanted to use the other one – so today’s dinner was soup & salad.


We mixed 2 packs of soup from the freezer, one was pumpkin soup and the other was blended vegetables of left-over pot-au-feu with a little milk because one wouldn’t have been enough.  It was actually very nice.


チキンの胸肉 1枚(茹でたもの、手で裂く)
セロリ 2本
洋梨 大1
サラダ菜とロケット 適量

レモン汁 小さじ1
オリーブオイル 小さじ3
日本のマヨネーズ 大さじ1くらい??
メープルシロップ 小さじ1くらい

We were talking about making something similar to Waldorf Salad but just before we started cooking I realised we had no apple as we had the last one yesterday for dessert.  Oh dear.  Fortunately, there was one large pear left so we used pear instead of apple.  The dressing is the usual dressing we often make (lemon juice, olive oil, salt, pepper, sugar).  (Pear was the large one from Italy, which I like the best of all the pears we tried in England.)


I wasn’t sure if pear would work with chicken but it did.  Maybe because we haven’t had this sort of salad for a long time, but we really enjoyed it.  As the climate here isn’t the sort that makes you want to have a cold salad, and also we cannot get delicious mango or avocado -which I often used for salads in Hong Kong and Singapore – we haven’t been making a salad very often, but we felt we should have more of them.


Also we used fresh walnuts from the shell.  In general, I don’t like walnuts so much, I find them bitter and oily, so I tend to use Pecans instead when a recipe says walnuts, but the fresh ones are not very bitter or oily, they are light and nutty.

1 Chicken beast (cooked and shredded with hands)
2 Celery
1 Large pear
Salad leaves and rocket leaves
Raisin, goji berry, walnuts

* Dressing *
1 tsp Lemon juice
3 tsp Olive oil
About 1 Tbsp Japanese Mayonnaise
About 1 tsp Maple syrup







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