Pancake Day


It’s Pancake Day here in England (and in many other countries).  I don’t know what it really means, but apparently it’s a religious day.  However, even those who aren’t religious seem to make pancakes today.  We usually forget it but happened to remember today so we made pancakes for lunch today.


When I hear pancake, I think of thick fluffy ones that you see in the US, but here it’s these very thin ones – what we Japanese would call crepes.


My husband sometimes used to make these for lunch on some Sundays but I think it’s been a decade since we had them.  Those days we used to have a few different fillings like banana & Maple Syrup or sometimes something savoury like sautéed mushroom with white sauce, but we weren’t planning this in advance so we just had it in the most simple way – sugar and lemon.  Very simple but very enjoyable.





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