Cheese Fondue


It was raining on and off and a very wet day today.  We haven’t been seeing many birds in our garden recently, I wonder why.  I would have thought more would come during the winter as there isn’t a lot of natural food.


These days, other than the day when we go to the butchers and a couple of days after that, I plan a dinner for the following day at night and take any meat we’ll use from the freezer and put it in the fridge if we need any.  So, last night, I said to my husband, “I cannot think of any dinner for tomorrow…” and he said “It’s Friday tomorrow, so Cheese Fondue!”  So that’s what we had.    Last week I found a Cheese Fondue kit on the online supermarket we use so included it in our order. We’d never used this particular brand before but I thought we’ll try it when we don’t have time to make ourselves – so we tried it.  I would say grating blocks of cheeses and letting it melt in white wine ourselves makes it better, but this one wasn’t bad.  My husband had smoked salmon as a starter as well.  Other than Cheese Fondue, we had boiled new potatoes & carrots, salami, ham and a large salad.  I used tomatoes, celery, red pepper, grapes, pear, Romaine lettuce & rocket in the salad.











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