Penne With Leeks & Bacon


It became a beautiful day in the afternoon with a blue sky.  I see that it’ll get as warm as 20C in Japan soon and of course it’s not that warm here, but being around 10C both highest and lowest is warm for winter here.  We see lots of shoots from the spring bulbs my husband planted in the garden, starting to grow taller.


The EMS parcel my sister sent from Japan arrived today.  I guess it’s to do with the lockdown, mails and parcels from overseas sometimes take a long time to arrive, a parcel my friend sent from Japan in the middle of December took more than a month to arrive and the same with some cards.  My sister sent this parcel on Tuesday last week so it took less than 10 days, which is good.

今日の夕食は、Delia Smith の「Penne With Leeks & Bacon」(リークとベーコン入りペンネ)でした。夫の得意料理の1つ。ネットオーダーで時々まだ冷蔵庫にあるのにオーダーをしてしまうことがありなぜかリークがたくさんあるのと、ベーコンは数日前に使ったパックを早く食べてしまいたいので。マカロニチーズにリークとベーコンが入って、上からチーズとパン粉とカイエンヌペッパーをかけてオーブンでこんがりと焼いています。焦げたところが特に美味しい!

Dinner tonight was Delia Smith’s “Penne With Leeks & Bacon”, which is in my husband’s repertoire.  I sometimes make wrong orders on online supermarket and for some reason I noticed that there are a lot of leeks in the fridge and we opened a pack of bacon a few days ago and wanted to use it up.  It’s like Macaroni Cheese with leeks and bacon with topping of cheese, bread crumbs and cayenne pepper.  We love particularly the crispy bits.









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