Sausage & Apple Bake

今回のオンラインスーパーのデリバリーではちゃんとソーセージが入っていたので(笑)、今日のディナーは、1ヶ月ほど前に初めて作ってみたところが簡単でとても美味しかったので Jamie Oliverの「 Sausage & Apple Bake」にしました。準備は10分かからないくらいですし、フライパン1つで作るので洗い物も少なくて助かります。日本のソーセージだと全然違うものになってしまいますし、パースニップが簡単には手に入らないと思うので日本では作りにくいかな、と思いますが。。。パースニップの代わりに人参でもおいしそう。最初に玉ねぎを炒めるときに少ししっかり目に炒める方が美味しい気がします。

We did get sausages from the online supermarket this time, so we cooked Jamie Oliver’s “Sausage & Apple Bake” for dinner today.  We cooked it about a month or so ago for the first time and liked it very much, it’s very easy to prepare and very tasty.  The preparation takes only about 10 minutes and you cook everything in a frying pan so not a lot of washing up, which is great.  I guess if you use Japanese sausages it’ll be come a totally different dish and it’s hard to find parsnips in Japan so maybe not a very useful recipe for those who live in Japan although I think carrots can work instead of parsnips.  I thought I should have sautéed onion a little longer in the beginning.


When we cooked this last time we thought it looked all brown and it would be nice to have something fresh on the side so we cooked  some sugar snap peas, as well.


As a pack has 6 sausages we cooked them all but we had 2 each and will use 1 each for a sandwich tomorrow for lunch.











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