I saw someone online baking Calzone, which made me want to have it, it’s been a long time since we had Calzone.


When we were living in Kobe, there was a British pub within walking distance and we used to go there for lunch on Saturday very often and we often had Calzone there.  Sadly it was destroyed by the Hanshin Earthquake.  They re-opened in Kobe Harbour Land after a couple of years and we did go there once or twice but of course it was in a new building, had no British pub atmosphere and food wasn’t the same either, so we stopped going.


Those days, I also used to bake Calzone now and again at home but I hadn’t baked one for ages, I cannot even remember what sort of a recipe I used to use.


So I followed the youtube video that made me want to have it again for the recipe although I changed the time for resting etc and also reduced the temperature of the oven halfway through to 230C and baked about a minute less because they were looking quite brown.


The filling is sauce (I just reduced some of a tin tomato), tomatoes, onion, Parma Ham, cheese & Basil.  Well, that was what I intended to use and I used it for the first one, but forgot to add the cheese in the 2nd one!  I didn’t realise it until I closed the dough so I could’t do anything else but give up.  So sad….  The first one was very good but the one without cheese of course tasted too tomatoey.   Hopefully I won’t make the same mistake again! Happy that the first one was very good, but it is very hot so you have to be very careful not to burn your mouth.











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