Thai Dinner (Meal Kits)

「Thai Apron」(タイで生まれてマンチェスターで育った方が個人でされている宅配ビジネスのようです)というところからタイ料理のミール・キットをオーダーしてみました。オーダーしたのは、春巻き、ポーク のサテー、チキンのラーブ(サラダ)、パッタイの4品、それぞれ2人分ずつ入っています。春巻きとポーク サテーはそれぞれ6つずつ入っていたので、春巻きは4つ、ポーク サテーは2つ今日使いチキンのラーブといただいて、春巻き2つ、ポーク サテー4つ、パッタイは来週使うことにしてお肉類は冷凍しました。

We ordered some meal kits from “Thai Apron”.  We ordered Spring Rolls, Pork Satay, Chicken  Laab, Pad Thai – each comes for 2 persons.  Spring rolls and Satay had 6 each so we had 4 spring rolls and 2 pork satay with Chicken Laab with rice today and froze the rest as well as chicken for Pad Thai for another dinner.


The ingredients for the filling of the spring rolls came already shredded and the pork satays were already marinaded.


I had expected there to be kaffir lime leaves for the Laab but there weren’t any, which was disappoiting, so we used some that we had in the freezer.  We used to be able to order these from Sainsbury’s online but haven’t seen them for months, maybe something changed and they cannot get them any longer.  The seasonings for the Laab didn’t include sugar in the recipe but I added some as the recipe I learned at a cooking class included sugar.  Other seasonings came already mixed in different packages and they were all very tasty, the marinade for the satay was also very tasty.  We enjoyed everything but specially the spring rolls because we cannot find spring roll wrappers around here and have missed them.


These 4 meal kits were 57 pounds in total, which is about the same or a little more expensive than eating in a restaurant.  They are all quite familiar to us and we can cook them ourselves without needing kit meals, but it takes longer, and cooking 3 dishes for one meal can be a little time consuming, so I’m quite happy to use kits now and again.  As there was no kaffir lime included, I probably won’t order Laab again, but would order the spring rolls and satays.







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