Stir-fried Mince Pork With Basil (Thai)




It was cold but another lovely sunny day today.

Today’s dinner was Stir-fried Mince Pork with Basil.  I learned a lot of Thai recipes in Hong Kong and Singapore (and Thailand) but this is the one I very often cook because it’s easy and delicous.  I am so glad that I took all those lessons because it’s probably not likely that we can have any great Thai food here, specially for the last one year.  The plates are very large so it doesn’t look like much food but there was enough.  When we learned this we were told that 200g od pork is enough for 2 of us without any other dishes, but it doesn’t seem quite enough for us so we tend to use between 250g and 300g.  I like the sunnyside eggs up with crispy edges.  Every time when we have this, we say “Ummm, that was delicious!”.








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