It snowed a few times today and quite heavily at one point in the evening – only for a short time but the first real snow we’ve seen here as we had only flurries of snow this winter and I don’t think we saw any snow the winter before except in the Cotswolds.




We cooked Lasagne today – it’s been years since we had homemade lasagne at home.  We used to make Lasagne quite often using Buitoni’s lasagne kit and also sometimes from scratch in Japan and Hong Kong but sometime when we were living in Hong Kong they seem to have stopped selling the lasagne sheets that you cook before assembling.  We aren’t very keen on the texture of the lasagne made with the type of sheets that you don’t cook in advance, so I sort of stopped making it.


We had half of the meat filling left from when we cooked when Cottage pie, so we decided to make a ragu with it, makes white sauce and assemble a Lasagne.  We added a tin of tomatoes to the meat filling to make a proper ragu.  I was a little worried if it would turn out to be good because we aren’t used to using the lasagne sheets that you don’t cook in advance, but we made both of the sauces quite loose and it worked well.  I don’t often have lasagne that I really enjoy in restaurants becuase they are often too dry or have too much sauce for the amount of pasta.  This one was very good.  We must make it again some time.







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