Thai Pork Toast & Thai Beef Salad


My husband had all his steak last night, but I left a little less than a half of mine, so we made a Thai Beef Salad, we tend to do this on the day after we have steak.  I thought maybe there wasn’t enough beef left, so decided to make some Thai Pork Toast as well.



ポークトーストは、Hot Thai Kitchen のレシピで。本来は揚げる物だと思いますが、このレシピではオーブンで焼いてからグリルで焦げ目をつけます。肉種はわたしが作りましたが、後は盛り付けまで夫がしてくれました。とても美味しかったです。

For Pork Toast, I used this Hot Thai Kitchen’s recipe.  I think in Thailand they deep-fry them but in this recipe you cook it in the oven first then grill.  I made the pork mixture but my husband did the rest including plating them.  It was very good.





In the Thai Beef Salad, I put tomato, cucumber, celery, spring onion, Romaine lettuce, rocket, coriander, kaffir lime leaf, and mint. The seasoning was lime juice, Thai fish sauce, sugar & dry-roasted and ground rice (that was left from the last time when we made it).  The salad was very good, too.




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