Left-Over Japnese (& Korean)Dinner

今日はほぼ1日出かける予定だったので、夕食は時間がかからないものにしました。水曜日に作ったもやしのビビンバ が1人分とお野菜のマリネが余っていたので半分ずつにし、他に M&SのCrispy Chicken Karaage をオーブンで温めたもの、冷凍していた餃子とインゲンの胡麻和え(これだけ今日作りました)。

ちなみに Crispy Chicken Karaage 唐揚げは一度買ってサンドイッチにしたことがあり、その時はカリカリで生姜が効いていてとても美味しいと思ったのですが、今日はとてもパサついて感じ、生姜の味もあまりしませんでした。味付けはその時によるのでしょうね。サンドイッチの時はソースをかけるので、パサつきも気にならなかっただと思います。

We knew we would be out most of the day today, so we planned a dinner that wasn’t going to take a long time to prepare.  There was one portion of Bean sprout Bibimbap left as well as the marinaded vegetables, so we had half each of the Bibimbap and served it with a few bits and pieces – Crispy Chicken Karaage from M&S (just warmed up in the oven), Gyoza (that we made and froze sometime ago), Japanese Green Beans Salad with Sesame Sauce (this is the only one we made today).

We have used Crispy Chicken Karaage from M&S before in sandwiches and thought they were quite nice, they were crispy and the flavour of ginger was very nice.  However, today they seemed very dry – they are chicken breast, I guess we didn’t notice it so much when we had it in a sandwich because of the sauce.  I think they work in sandwiches better.



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