Stir-Fried Mince Pork With Basil (Thai)


It was strange weather – cloudy, then heavy rain and hail, then a very nice sunny evening.  The heavy rain was very localised.


Today’s dinner was Thai – Stir-fried Mince Pork with Basil.  It’s always a delicious and satisfying meal.


The only thing I don’t like about cooking Thai food is the smell afterwards, it’s very strong and quite unpleasant.  Opening the garden doors to change the air helps a little but the smell still lingers.







ちなみに、今日は少し早めの夕食でした、先週の日曜日もそうでした。(いつもは洗い物を終えてキッチンのお掃除が終わると9時過ぎてしまうことも多い。)なぜなら、9時から「Line Of Duty」(ドラマ)を見たかったから。今日が最終回なのです。ドラマは1週間待つのが嫌で放送日には見ないでしばらくためてまとめてみることも多いのですが、これは我慢しきれず早めに見初めてしまったので、先週と今週は放送日に見ることになってしまいました。

We had the dinner earlier than usual, we did the same last Sunday as well  (it’s often after 9.00pm by the time we finish eating dinner, washing up and cleaning the kitchen) – because we wanted to see Line of Duty.  It’s the last one today.  We in general try not to watch TV shows live because we don’t like waiting for a week for the following episode, but we couldn’t resist watching this earlier and ended up having to watch on the day of broadcasting last week and this week.



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