Sri Lankan Curry


It was very windy and rained in the evening, quite different from it had been until a few days ago for quite a few weeks.  I guess the petals of the tulips probably got blown away by the wind and some of the cherry blossoms in front of our house were blown away, too.

今日の夕食は、「tastesmiths」でオーダーしたスパイスキットを使ったスリランカ のカレーでした。キットに入っていたのは、にんにく、生姜、フレッシュのグリーンチリ(小さな唐辛子)、カレーリーフ、パンダンリーフ(わたしは苦手なので使いませんでした)、レモングラス、カフィアライムリーフ、クリームココナッツのブロック、スパイスミックス2袋。他に必要だったのは、チキン(わたしたちは胸肉を使いました、チキンの代わりにひよこ豆とお野菜でもオーケー)とポテト、缶トマト、玉ねぎ、ライム、シャンツァイ。

Today’s dinner was Sri Lankan Curry using the spice kit we got from “tastesmiths“.  The kit had garlic, ginger, small fresh green chillis, curry leaves, pandan leaf (we didn’t use it because I hate it), lemon grass, kaffier lime leaves, creamed coconut block & 2 spice mixes.  Other than the kit, we also needed chicken (we used breast but it can be thigh, you can also use chick peas and vegetables instead), potato, tin tomato, onion, lime & coriander leaves.


You treat fresh chills differently depending on how spicy you want the curry to be, we decided to have it medium spicy so used all the chillis but didn’t use the seeds.  It could have been a little more spicy, but we could taste the spicyness and it was better than too spicy.  It was very good.


There is now just one kit (onion bhaji) left out of the kits we ordered from “testesmiths”, but all the kits we’ve used were very good.









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