Beef Stroganoff

今日の夕食は、夫が作ってくれると言ってビーフストロガノフを作ってくれました。出てきたのをみて、わたしの最初のひとことは、「ビーフストロガノフって、こういうの?」途端に夫の機嫌が悪くなりましたが(涙)。だって、わたしのイメージではビーフストロガノフってもっとソースがたくさんあって、色ももっと白っぽい。調べてみると、イギリスのビーフストロガノフは(色はもっと白っぽい気がしますが)日本やロシアと違って、あまりソースがないものが多いみたいです。夫が使ったレシピは、BBC Good Food のレシピでした。

My husband told me he would cook dinner tonight and he cooked Beef Stroganoff.  My first words were, “Is this how beef stroganoff is supposed to look like?”, which put him in a bad mood, but I always thought Beef Stroganoff has a lot of sauce, which is a beige colour rather than being very dark and with not much sauce.  After researching, it looks like Beef Stroganoff in England is quite different from that in Japan or in Russia and many of them don’t seem to have much sauce, although not usually this dark.  My husband used this BBC Good Food recipe.








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