The temperature has finally gone a bit higher and warmer.  It’s expected to go up to 20C tomorrow, 22C on Tuesday.  I think the temperature here tends to be a little lower than some other places because we are quite close to the sea, but it’s expected to go up to 25C in London.  It was a very nice day today and my husband was sitting in the garden reading a book although he came in around 4.00pm as it gets a bit too chilly to sit out by then.  It’s almost June now but the temperature still goes down to around 10C or below at night.



On Friday we made a lasagne and had about a half of it that evening so we had the other half left.  We could have put it in the freezer but my husband wanted to have it relatively soon so we kept it in the fridge and had it for dinner today.  Left-over lasagne always gets a bit drier, which is a shame, but it still tasted very good.







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