Craft Room Update


I’ve started putting my books in the book cases.  Before the house renovation started, we had all the boxes of books moved into our little shed behind the garage, which is water-proofed etc so books don’t get damaged. The previous owner of this house was a collector of some special books so he had it made that way.  There wasn’t enough room for anything else so we have boxes of my craft stuff at a storage company room somewhere nearby.


The boxes of books are extremely heavy, I cannot lift them up and they are very heavy even for my husband, so he has moved about 10 boxes each day, yesterday and today.  When we were packing for our move from Singapore we asked the moving company to use small boxes for the books – and I’m so glad we did because I don’t think we could have managed them ourselves if they were in the usual larger size boxes.  The books are mostly cookery books, and the ones I bought in western countries are particularly heavy.  I’m one of those people who tends to keep working on something until I’m totally exhausted but it’s good that we are doing it little by little each day, otherwise I might have a problem with my back.


They look like this now – still loads of space left.  I’ve been trying to put them in categories but it’s not easy so I’ll probably have to re-organise later.  My husband says he thinks we’ll finish in 4 days or so, that means we’ve done about a third and there is a lot more than 2/3 left of the shelf space, so I think we can put all the books in them and there will still be enough room for some new books.







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