French Toast (Pain Perdu) With Fruits & Hot Mayple Syrup

やっと冷凍庫に余裕が出来たので、これまで試した中で一番美味しかったPallant of  Arundelのバゲットを冷凍していて、必要な時にオーブンで温めて使っていますが、小さく切って冷凍するとオーブンで解凍する時に乾燥してしまうのでそこそこの大きさに切って冷凍してます。なので、全部食べきれず残すこともあり、先日2度続けて結構残ってしまい、それがカチカチになってしまっていたので、今日のランチにフレンチトーストにしていただくことにしました。

As we finally have room in our freezer, we started freezing some baguettes from Pallants of Arundel (which are the best ones we’ve tried here so far) and use one when we need by putting it in the oven to defrost and warm up.  If you slice it before freezing they will get very dry in the oven, so we just cut each baguette into 2 or 3. pieces.  This means sometimes we have some left-over if we don’t eat all of a portion with a meal. This happened twice in a row the other day and we had quite a few slices of very dry baguette so we decided to make French Toast (Pain Perdu) for lunch today.


Last night I put the slices of very dry baguette in a mixture of 2 eggs, 150ml of milk and 20g of sugar, turned them a few times, and let it all soak up the liquid in the fridge.  Today, I put them in a frying pan (with very little butter), let one side get brown, turned them over and put the frying pan in the oven for 15 minutes at around 160c.


A well-known Japanese lady who has published a lot of cooking and baking books was warming up maple syrup with a little butter before pouring over the French toast so  we tried that, and it was very nice.



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