Lentil Moussaka (Thermomix TM6)

今日のディナーは、夫が Thermomix を使いたいというので夫に選んでもらったCookidooのレシピ、「Lentil Moussaka」(レンティルムサカ)と前菜にグリーンアスパラガス。

My hushand wanted to use Thermomix for dinner today, so I asked him to choose a dish and he chose “Lentil Moussaka” from Cookidoo (Thermomix recipe site).  We also had green asparagus for a starter.

アスパラガスは、今日、近くのファームショップで見かけたので買いました。すぐ近くで採れたアスパラガス。グリーンアスパラガスは今シーズン初めてだと思います。個人的に乳製品の香りが前面に出たものは苦手なのでホランデーズソースも苦手ですし、作るのも結構大変なので、日本のマヨネーズにレモン汁を少し加えて赤パプリカを細かく切ったものを入れたソース。Thermomix で5分蒸しました。

We bought green asparagus from a farm shop near us as we saw them when we were there, so they are very fresh and local.  I think this was the first green asparagus we had this season.  Personally I don’t like anything where you taste a lot of dairy so I don’t like the usual Hollandaise Sauce. Instead we cheated and just used Japanese mayonnaise with chopped red pepper and a little lemon juice.  We steamed the asparagus for 5 minutes using the Thermomix.








For the Lentil Moussaka, you make a Bolognese type of sauce but use red lentils, red pepper, onion, tin tomato & garlic.  It tasted good but the sauces, specially the white sauce, were too runny.  If it were lasagne it would have worked because the pasta sheets will absorb quite a lot of moisture but aubergine doesn’t absorb any moisture.  In the recipe it uses spelt flour instead of plain flour but we didn’t have any and din’t want to buy a bagful of spelt flour just for this, so used ordinary plain flour.  That might’ve made a difference.  Maybe we should have cooked the sauces down or added slices of potatoes or something.

There is quite a lot of sauces left, we’ll probably use it for a pasta dish sometime soon.





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