Chicken Shawarma with Moroccan Houmous and Chilli Sauce (Thermomix TM6)

今日のディナーも、夫が Cookidoo から選びました。「Chicken Shawarma with Moroccan Houmous and Chilli Sauce」(チキンのシャワルマ、モロッコ風フムスとチリソース添え)。シャワルマって日本でも知られているのでしょうか?トルコのドネルケバブが中近東に広まってシャワルマと呼ばれるようになったそうです。なので、多分本来は串に薄切りのお肉をたくさん重ねて刺したものをスライスして、ピタサンドなどでサンドイッチにしたもののようです。今日のものはチキンをコロコロと切って、スパイスを入れたヨーグルトにマリネして、オーブンで焼いたものです。チキンのマリネの他に、一緒にいただくモロッコ風のフムスとチリソースも作るので結構時間がかかりました。

My husband chose tonight’s dinner again from Cookidoo – “Chicken Shawarma with Moroccan Houmous and Chilli Sauce”.  I wonder if Shawarma is something everyone knows these days, we see it often here but it’s not a very familier word for me.  Apprently it’s the same as Turkish Doner Kebab, so I guess it’s supposed to be thinly shredded, but this one is chunks of chicken thigh marinaded in yohgurt with spices and cooked in the oven.  As well as chicken, we needed to make Moroccan Houmous and also Chilli Sauce so it took a while to prepare.

Thermomix でこういうお料理を作ると時間がかかるのが難点です。普通に作ると同時進行で作れるものも1つずつしか作れなくて、次のものに使う前にボール(メインの部分)を洗わなくてはいけないですし。なので、材料をガーっとみじん切りにしたりするこころは Thermomix でしてあとはお鍋で火を入れると時間短縮するという手もあると思いますが、火加減を見たり混ぜたりしなくても良いので合間に洗い物をしたり次に作るものの材料を揃えたりしながら作りました。

When you use Thermomix, it’s quite time consuming if you cook something that has a few components like this.  If you cook conventionally you would be cooking a few things at the same time but you can cook only one thing at a time with Thermomix.  If you want to shorten the time of cooking I guess you can just do a certain process like chopping vegetables or roasting spices then cook it in a pan on the cooker while you use Thermomix for the next job.  We cooked everything using Termomix, doing washing up and preparing for the next dish while Thermomix was cooking something.


When you use Thermomix, the kitchen hardly gets dirty, no oil splattering etc and we do the washing up and cleaning up while the Thermomix is cooking something, so there is very little to clear up after the dinner, which is one great thing about using it.


The Chicken Shawarma was very tasty.  Chicken was tender and tasty with lots of spices, the chilli sauce wasn’t too spicy and was also tasty.  Moroccan Houmous didn’t get smooth like I used to make with a food processor but we are guessing it was because the tin of chickpeas we used were not very tender.  It tasted good.

Thermomix のレシピは量が結構まちまちで、今回のものは4人分とありますが、フムス以外はレシピの半量を作って4人分十分ありました。残った半量は冷凍していつかまたディナーに使おうと思います。

The portions of Thermomix recipes seem to vary.  This one was supposed to be for 4 people and we made a half of it (except Moroccan Houmous, which we made a full amount) and it was enough for 4.  We have a half left so we froze it, we’ll use it for dinner one day.

ピタパンは以前にも買いたことがある、ロンドンの Arabica というレストランからオーダーしました。この辺りのスーパーで何種類か買ってみましたが、どれもパサついていて美味しくなかったのです。Arabicaのものを冷凍して、使うときにアルミフォイルに包んで霧を吹いてオーブンで温めて使いましたが、柔らかくフワフワ、熱々でむちっとしていてとても美味しかったです。

Pita bread was from Arabica in London, which we ordered online.  We have tried a few pita bread from supermarkets around here but they were all very dry and awful.  These from Arabica are very nice.  We keep them in the freezer and when we want to use them we spray some water, wrap in alminium foil and warm up in the oven.



The plates and small bowls are what we bought in Marrakech, we don’t use them often because other dishes don’t seem to go well with them, but we love them.















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